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About Wild Wild Wet

Singapore’s Largest water park wild wild wet is a whole family package of thrills and spills giving you a captivating aqua experience of a total number of 16 attractions. Located in the Downtown East, this is one of the most famous tourist spots in Singapore and a staycation for localities. Voted as the top 5th water park in Asia, the water park has every kind of ride ranging from lighter to thrilling amusement rides to keep you busy. The water adventure opened in 2004 and has developed all these years to come up with high-end rides in 2017 like Kraken races, Royal Flush, and Torpedo. An adventurer's favorite spot, rides such as free-fall that make you drop from a whopping height to the water with a splash are a major highlight. Some blissful rides are for the light-hearted, making them relax, and enjoy the water splashes, this park serves every emotion of adventure. The water park is completely child-friendly, making you take your little one to enjoy a separate entertainment zone dedicated to kid's enjoyment known as the “Kid’s Zone”. Along with being a place of enjoyment, the adventurous park has adapted safety protocols very strictly, following international standards of lifeguarding. Besides the water enjoyment, you can catch out food inside Breeze Cafe, and ice creams stop.


Rides at Wild Wild Wet Singapore

Wild Wild Wet Ride is a complete fun package that makes you experience every emotion of the adventure. Whether it is a slow yet fun light-hearted activity or an ultra-fast thrilling ride, this water park serves every type of aqua experience. Popular for being a kid-friendly place, the water park features a variety of small surprises for your child.

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Vortex High-Speed Slide

High-end speed ride Vortex is the hottest attraction for the adventure-seekers as it is a 360-degree extreme loop ride that makes you sit alone per slide experiencing an adrenaline rush. Vortex will take you at a rapid speed in seconds, making you witness the thrill of fast twists, and turns. Starting 18 meters above ground level, this ride has a whopping speed of 600 meters per minute. The ride itself by a big water splash makes you wonder what just happened!

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Splash Play Family Friendly Pool

If you or your kid are looking for some simple, and calm water fun, this area known as the Splash Play Area is a go-to place for you. You will witness water tunnels, water cannons, and play structures in between. This area offering a basic aqua enjoyment is for the light-hearted having a 0.1 m comfortable water depth. Little kids are frequently seen to be enjoying this area as there are sprinklers, slides, and buckets with specially designed water tunnels for kids.

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Kraken Racers

Generating a sense of competitiveness, the fun ride of Kraken racers is a multi-lane racer ride in the park being the country’s first one. A maximum of 4 people can participate together in this amazing ride starting with 4 interlocking tube sections. An abrupt drop plunges all the four rides next to each other racing. The amazing ride is designed in a way that the racers can see each other while racing with red-green lights making it even more playful. The amusing ride ends very smoothly in a shallow, and long swimming pool.

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Royal Flush Ride Wild Wild Wet
Royal Flush

The most anticipated water slide known as the Royal Flush is the first kind of ride in Asia that features a zero-gravity wall along with a bowl. This thrilling ride looks very exciting coloured in yellow, and orange, the colors of vibrant thrill bearing a usual combination of tornado WAVE, and Behemoth Bowl 40. The capacity of this ride is a maximum of 4 people as you approach the bowl, only to defy gravity, and enter a wall down the tunnel.

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Yippie Shallow Swimming Pool for Kiddie

As playful as the name sounds, this child-friendly area witnesses happy-faced toddlers enjoying the water. The shallow splashing area is filled with soft playing equipment providing a fun, and safe environment for kids. A comfortable water depth of 0.1 meters makes this area even more friendly for your toddler, as this place features a separate place known as the professor’s playground. Small slides, ladders with some water cannons, and fountains specially designed for kids make your child enjoy the most.

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Wild wild wet
Free Fall

As the name suggests, this ride is for adventurous souls who seek pleasure in falling from heights. With a minimum height of 122 cm and a speed of whooping 50 feet per second, free-fall is not for the faint-hearted. The vertical open air drop plunges you down quickly similar to a height of a six-story building making it the longest free-falling ride in Asia. The free fall teased you with small breaks in between the falling, sometimes taking you up, and then taking you down only to abruptly take you down, giving you chills.

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What to Expect at Wild Wild Wet?

Happy Fish Swimming Classes for Infants & Toddlers

Happy Fish Swimming School conducts the first swimming classes for kids to make the fun experience of swimming safe by preventing drowning. Till now, this school has trained 10,000 small children to be able to survive in water and swim on their own. The instructors are certified in teaching small children along with guiding their parents making the kid water-confident enough to save themselves in any situation of distress. The swimming school ensures that young children learn swimming in a fun way by floating, breath control, propulsion and trauma-free submersion.

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Besides the entrance of wild wild wet, the Sun Paradise plus, a shopping hub is present exclusively for the visitors. The Sun paradise area is always full of people shopping for swimwear and other essentials to use inside the water park. A variety of lifestyle brands are available at the shopping hub to provide the best to the customers who mainly shop for enjoyment in wild wild wet. Other than essentials for Wild Wild Wet waterpark, the shops sell a variety of fashion products like stylish bags, apparel, and footwear along with fitness products such as yoga mats etc.

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Food & Drinks

Ola beach club of wild wild wet serves you a variety of foods and water park-themed drinks. The old beach is a Hawaiian themed bar with a restaurant, and swimming pool. Known for hosting DJ nights, this bar is famous for serving Hawaiian- like cuisine with your favorite hot pics of Huli-Huli chicken, and Locomo along with Ola beach club’s signature drinks. As this bar serves alcohol, it can be only done inside the club and hence can’t be carried inside wild wild wet.

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Know Before Your Go Wild Wild Wet Singapore

How to Reach & Facilities
Rules and Regulations
What to Wear

  • Visit wild wild wet to experience 16 different rides offering you a blissful experience, along with amusement ones giving you a rush of adrenaline.
  • Take your child to kid's zones such as Splash Play, Family Friendly Pool, and Yippie Shallow Swimming Pool to have a blast by playing on small slides, water tunnels, and water cannons with a splash.
  • Enjoy racing with your friends in a 4-lane multi racer ride of Kraken.
  • Board the bone-chilling yet the most thrilling rides of Vortex and the infamous Free-fall.
  • Catch the tastiest meal in the only restaurant inside "Breeze cafe and an ice cream shop".

The Best Time to Visit: is during weekdays which are usually not much crowded. Opening Hours: The operational hours from Monday to Friday are 1:00 PM-7:00 PM, while on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are from 10:00 AM-07:00 PM. Location: Wild wild wet is situated at 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599.

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Wild Wild Wet FAQ's

Do I get access to all the rides with my Wild Wild Wet ticket?

Yes, you will be able to get access to all the available rides on your ticket. You will be able to choose from 16 different rides as per your idea of adventure from the light rides, to one of the most thrilling, and fast rides.

What is the best time to visit Wild Wild Wet waterpark?

The best time to visit wild wild wet is during the weekdays, as weekends are overcrowded by the locals, making your enjoyment delayed.

Is outside food allowed inside Wild Wild Wet?

No, outside food and beverages are strictly not allowed to be carried inside the water park.

Is Wild Wild Wet suitable for toddlers?

Yes, wild wild wet is suitable for toddlers as there is a separate enjoyment area for children, known as “the kid’s zone”. The kid's zone has child-friendly rides like ladders and slides along with proper safety measures such as a separate shower for kids, a baby carrier, and much more available.

How can I reach Wild Wild Wet?

You can reach wild wild wet by Cab as the driver will directly drop you at the venue, or by bus, if you take bus routes numbered 3, 6, 17, 89, and 354 from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange.

Which are the things to keep in mind when visiting wild wild wet Singapore?

You should keep in mind that no outside food and beverages are allowed outside as there is only one place to grab a snack at Breeze cafe and ice cream stop. Also, you should strictly follow the Dos and Don't of what to wear, and what not to wear.

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